Lytros Firmware Update

When Lytro announced it’s new camera concept last year, we were excited. The camera finally went on sale in Feburary to mixed reviews.

Although people were impressed with its new way of capturing an image that can be refocused after the shot has been taken. There was some question about the quality of the low res images, usability issues and the lack of any manual control over the images.

Reassuringly Lytro has this week released a firmware update with basic manual controls, including; shutter speed, ISO, ND filter and an AE lock.

“We introduced these features as a result of feedback from our most creative camera owners, who are capturing things like subjects in motion or experimenting with artistic styles like light painting,” said Eric Cheng, Lytro’s director of photography. “With manual controls, they now have more flexibility as they push the boundaries of the light field.”

There is also rumours of other updates, such as a panorama feature, app controls and more…so watch this light space!

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