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  1. Hi guys, I was gone for a week, what the????? I’m so confused, Tamlocke, Viilda, anybody? HELP? Site look lovely but I don’t know what happened.

  2. Hi!
    It seems that with the new changes, even though I keep getting the message \”Your work is featuring on the PhotoartGallery main page\”, I am unable to log in into my account or to find the right place to log in. Any solution for that?

    • Hi Carole Anne, the only login now required is if you wish to talk in the forum – or enter the competition. Keep an eye out for our new business platform for an exciting photography setup

  3. So we ave to start all over again, our photo’s are gone! Well, Whatever! A new start, A newborn site. Let us all support, the wonderful new set up, and start uploading again, once all the buttons are back! Go for it PhotoArtGallery!!!

  4. looking forward to the new format, can’t wait to start my new gallery, Needed a fresh start anyway. Not too concernred that my old gellery is now missing, It’s a chance to start a new and exciting sellection of photo’s to share.

  5. Agree with Jim. My photos needed a going through anyway. When I look at older images, I see how much I’ve learned from this site, other contributors and all the comps that make me get out there with my camera. My thanks to the site owners.

  6. Hi Team (Andrew)
    I still get emails form you saying my photos are displayed but all I can get is the Blog page!. When and where is the NEW SITE.
    Regards William.

  7. Just want a site like the old one, was easy to navigate and find what I’m looking for. Don’t like the new format. Am I doing something wrong. Where are the albums ?

  8. HELP!!!!! Have been away and out of touch…….I have come back and can’t even find where to log on………can someone help please!!!
    Cheers Travellinkaz

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