Announcing the PhotoArt Forums

It’s fine having a blog to read but we want to chat and share stories! So we are happy to introduce the brand new PhotoArt forums! With sections for introductions, news, chat and member competitions.

Sooo let’s get started!

SIGNING UP – To start chatting you will need to create a profile, just hit the big red ‘apply for membership’ button. When you have filled in the registration form you will find yourself in your new account – this where you will be able to control your settings, such as the notifications you receive and your password management.

To get the most of your account make sure you add an image to personalise your posts and why not also create a signature to link us to your photography website. Use the ‘edit my profile‘ option in your account to do this.

GET CHATTING – Now that you have your account all set up you can get stuck in, on the forum homepage you will see all the different categories of the forum; Introduce yourself, PhotoArt General, PhotoArt News, Quick Shooter and Edit This.

To see all the latest posts click the discussion tab on the menu bar, it’s easy to respond to a discussion by adding a comment and clicking post.

Start your own discussion using the big red ‘New Discussion’ button on the left, just be sure to choose the correct category for your post.

To receive notifications when someone responds to a discussion, click the star symbol at the top of the post. To manage your bookmarked posts click on the ‘My Bookmarks’ tab in the menu to the left of your screen.

POSTING IMAGES – Since this is a photography forum we obviously are keen for you to share your images, so we have given you two way to do this.

Posting from your computer – use the Attach a File option under the comment box to browse for an image from you computer, then simply hit post.

Posting from other websites – if you want to share your image that is already on the internet use the image button on the comment menu bar, right click on the image you wish to repost and choose the properties option to find it’s URL. Simply copy this URL and paste it between the ” “.

MEMBER COMPETITIONS – Now that you have your account, and you know how to reply/ post images you can get involved in our favourite activity – the member competitions!

Quick Shooter – Weekend Photo Challenge
The rules are: Every Friday the Phantom will post a challenge theme, you have the weekend to post your image response before Monday night. The winning image will be announced on the following Tuesday.

Edit This – Weekly Challenge
The rules are: Every Tuesday a challenge image will be posted, download a copy, edit it as you want and repost it by Monday to be in the running to win! The winning edit will be announced on the following Tuesday.

Visit the PhotoArt Forums

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or give us your feedback on the new forum at using the subject ‘Forum?’

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