Amazing Outback Star Trail Images

When these images surfaced on the internet this week we loved them, especially when we heard they were by an amateur photographer, with only two years DSLR experience!

Star trails

These images were captured at Lake Eppalock in Victoria, Australia by photographer Lincoln Harrison. They show stunning spirals created by the earth’s rotation, with stars moving through the sky. Some exposures taking up to 15 hours, which he then carefully stitched together to create these final images.

Star trails

He shoots several times a week, mainly landscapes, and plans nights in the bush to capture star trails when he knows there will be clear skies, but in 2012 Harrison didn’t even own a camera. He decided to buy his D3100 to photograph some clothes to sell on eBay, 2 years later he has well and truly caught the photography bug.

Star trails

See more of his work at

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