‘Mostly Agree’ Exhibition Spotlight

Recently opened in Sydney’s Stills Gallery ‘Mostly Agree’ is a photography collective taking an outside-the-box look at identity within the corporate world.


Using photo media, video and sculptural forms to explore with humour and sensitivity the pressures of fitting in to an environment where corporate identity is paramount and there is no I in team.

In this GFC-aftermath era, the balance between asserting one’s individuality and toeing the line feels all the more precarious, and by re-imagining and re-working the formulaic aesthetics of office décor, business attire, personal grooming, and by-the-book modes of behaviour, these artists explore the workplace as a site for the complex negotiation of all things generic.

Whether or not we work within suits, ties and partitions, this exhibition seeks to remind us that our daily lives are a constant negotiation of power. The corporate world provides a broader metaphor for the social pressure to conform, to comply with codes of dress and protocols of behaviour, to rise the ladder of success or risk the humiliation of mediocrity. However, it is the very variety, quirkiness and humour evident in Mostly Agree’s playful perversions of corporate structures, that demonstrates how enriching resistance can be.


Stills Gallery. Sydney, Australia

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