Polaroids New Instant Effort

Polaroid are moving further into their digital relaunch with their latest digital camera with a built in printer. However, we reckon this one has potential.

Polaroid instant camera

The Z2300 is a 10-megapixel camera with a 3-inch screen display. It includes HD video and a photographic suite that lets you choose basic settings such as white balance, and image quality. You also have the option to add filters such as borders to your image.

The polaroid aspect however comes with your instant print option, and unlike the original instants you can now be selecive about which images you want to print.

Each 2×3-inch print is created using their new Zink technology, which, much like the orginal technology doesn’t require ink. Everything you need to create an instant print is contained on the paper, and at 50c a piece it is cheaper than the traditional polaroids.

If you are keen on getting your retro-kick the z2300 will be avaliable in August and will set you back $169.

Polaroids Offical Site

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