Top 10 Image Editing Software Programs

The number of photo editing softwares out there are uncountable, and as the days pass, more and more software engineers keep flooding the market with new apps designed to achieve the same result– editing photographs.

In this article, we will try to narrow down all the software options out there to the 10 major ones you should consider having:

•    Adobe Photoshop: A list of top photo editors cannot be compiled without Photoshop for it is the most used software by both professional photographers and amateurs for editing images. It covers all processes which include; importing images, editing them, organising images and sharing on social platforms and physically by creating hardcopies.

•    Corel Paint Shop Pro: This is the brother tool to Corel draw and it helps you carry out advanced image edits on your images. It is easy fun and easy to use.

•    Serif Photo Plus: This is an all-round image editing platform which you can use for advanced editing and the sharing of files in different formats on diverse social networks.

•    PixelMator: This is a very effective editing software which provides you with multiple editing tools. It runs exclusively on systems operating with Apple’s Mac OS.

•    Inkscape: This is a software designed to cater for the image editing needs of graphic designers. Therefore, it is highly advanced with extensive workspace/tools and can be used for image files in different formats.

•    GIMP: Its acronym GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program. It is an open source tool which allows you perform precise editing activities on a photograph. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

•    Fireworks: Fireworks has been hailed as better editing software than Photoshop due to its capabilities and unique features. It is used by web designers to edit images to a very high quality and it can also edit both raster and Vector based images.

•    Fast Stone Image Review: This software, serves as an image browser, file converter and a photo editor. It provides the user with well defined tools and features to help carry out advanced forms of image editing.

•    IrfanView: This is a photo editing software that was designed to suit both beginners and professionals. It is relatively easy for beginners to start with and at the same time advanced enough for professionals to carry out more detailed image edits.

•    Honestech Photo Life: This software is dedicated to brushing skin color; removing red eyes in pictures and helping you achieve the perfect look for a family portrait. It runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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