Accidental Proposal Capture

Photographer Michael Keanes images have gone viral this week, but not for the sunset he was attempting to capture.

After the Sydney student returned home from a morning photographing at Bondi beach to process his images, he was shocked to discover that he had unwittingly captured a couples special moment.

“I was at the Sydney International Food Festival taking dozens of pictures on shore hoping that at least a few would turn out right. I saw the couple’s silhouette on the cliff, so I started taking pictures with them in it because I thought it would be cool in the pictures. It wasn’t until I got home and was looking through my camera that I realized “holy crap, he is down on one knee in this one….holy crap in this one before it he is in the PROCESS of getting down on one knee.”

The images were picked up by the Australian media, and the couple was quickly discovered. They’ve since gotten in touch with Keane, and say that they’re planning to frame the special photograph.






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