Photokina 2012 so far…

Photokina has kicked off for another year in Cologne, Germany. The biennial photography convention is where all the big names go to show off their latest products and innovations.


This year has been no exception, with entry level full framed cameras taking a lot of the attention so far. Sony, Nikon, Leica and Canon have all announced affordable full frame DSLRs that are being introduced into their collection. Nikon’s D600 so far is garnering the most acclaim, even with it’s modest tag line “I am a game-changer”. At only $2,100 it is the cheapest, as well as the lightest and smallest of the offerings.

Leica has also un-vield that they will be revamping their M and S ranges, with new sensor technology, live view and live focus functionality on the 3 inch, high-res screen, as well as full HD video recording.

Sigma 17_70mm f28_4-580-90

In the lenses division Sigma has released a heap of new lenses and reorganised it’s lineup in order to help photographers when choosing a new lens. The new categories are; Contemporary for the very latest optical technology, Art which includes the more expressive lenses such as wide-angle and fisheyes, finally Sport for capturing action and movement.

Photokina Official Site.

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