The Impossible 8×10

Whatever happened to 8×10 large-format instant film we hear you ask? Well maybe not, but nevertheless guys The Impossible Project have revived the genre in their latest attempt to keep photography dynamic!

Polaroid introduced their 8×10 stock in 1973, but it had since been discontinued. Impossible made the decision to bring the defunct range of film back to life, after inheriting the old production equipment from Polaroid as part of a larger deal.

With packs of their PQ 8×10 instant film with 10 exposures selling for $189 a pop, it’s definitely a product for the determined film lover!

Impossible also plans to make available 8×10 film holders. “Many of our customers are not traditional photographers, so we’re getting a lot of questions about what kind of equipment they need to use. We’ll try to offer cameras or connect people to rental places, for example. We’re very excited.”

They plan to launch the new 8×10 with an exhibition in New York from August 23rd. Twelve up and coming photographers have been asked to use the film for the very first time, and their efforts will be on show.

For more info, visit the Impossible website.


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