David Bailey’s London

News about London at the moment is all Olympics and Jubilee’s – so how about something about the real London, as seen by one of it’s favourite sons.

David Bailey has photographed east London streets and their inhabitants from the early 60’s right up to the present day, returning time and again to the stomping ground of his youth Newham.

Now he and his images are returning to the East End for an exhibition as part of the CREATE summer programme. The photographs that will be displayed, many of them large-scale prints, document the changing physical and social landscape of east London showing streetscapes, characters and scenes of east London life.

The photographer says, “London’s East End is in my DNA and I’m thrilled to be able to return to my roots in Newham. Now the rest of the world will focus on an area I’ve been looking at all my life.”

Read more at createlondon.org

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