24 hours in Bondi – Photography Project

As you know, we love coming across interesting photography projects, which is why this exhibition by Australian photographer David Stefanoff caught our eye.

24 hours of bondi

“In the eyes of the world, Bondi is a glamorous locale, where long hot summer days intersect with even longer and hotter nights.  Where beautiful beaches frame even more beautiful bodies.  However to its residents, Bondi is a village, where everyday life competes with the demands of being an iconic tourist destination.  Its identity can change as quickly as its tides, and while ‘24’ was not shot in a single day, it represents a journey of everyday Bondi, from dawn through the day and night and back once again to dawn.  Did anything happen?  I hope someone sees me.  I hope no one saw me.  Please look/don’t look.”

‘24’ will be opening on 6 June 2012 at 6pm at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery on Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Beach and is showing from 5 to 17 June 2012.

Find out more about David at www.davidstefanoff.com

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