Pinterest, copyright infringement or just creative fun?

Pinterest has been creating some waves over the past few months in the photography world for it’s new approach to sharing content.

The social networking site allows it’s users to ‘pin’ images from any website to their virtual boards, and create a collection to share with fellow users. The site has proved popular with over 17 million users signed up so far.

However, the site has been accused of encouraging copyright infringement by making it easy for people to build up image collections that can be republished and shared without the consent of their copyright owners.

Photographers can track if any of their images have been ‘pinned’ by adding their domain name to the following address:

But what do you think about Pinterest, a fun way of appreciating images, or a copyright infringement? Let us know on our Facebook Page

One comment

  1. Both. But as a photographer, I couldn’t condone the copyright violating activity, not to mention I was worried that at some point, a class lawsuit would be filed against the pinterest users. I quit/deleted my pinterest account.

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