Camera Club

The PhotoArt Camera Club is located in the PhotoArt forums.


It is a thread for you to share that shot that doesn’t quite look right and you can’t figure out why…or that you feel looks good but could be better and want some suggestions on how.

We have photography pros on our team that will be happy to provide some short feedback on your image within a few days of posting. More importantly we encourage you and the rest of the community to provide feedback on images also.

Let us set a few guidelines to get started:

1. Create a new thread for your image.
2. Please post one image at a time (or a series if appropriate).
3. The Team will provide one hit of feedback a few lines long on our thoughts and any changes we feel might improve the shot.
4. The rest of the community is encouraged to also provide friendly and constructive criticism, rudeness will not be tolerated.
5. This is a two way street, help others as they have helped you…share the knowledge!

So let’s get started!! PhotoArt Camera Club.

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