Leica’s Noctilux Lens… Complete with Humidor

In case you had forgotten how insanely high end Leica can be, one of their rare lenses, the Noctilux 50mm f/1 lens, has popped up on ebay this weekend complete with it’s original packaging – a hand crafted Elie Bleu humidor.


The company stopped production of the lens in 2008 and decided to release the last 100 as a special edition, apparently for around $20,000 a piece. The ebay auction that finished this week however only fetched a measly $12,768.

If you are a Leica fan, or looking to sharpen your photography skills, don’t forget that the Experiential Travel Photographer of the Year competition is giving away to places in the Leica Academie In Focus Workshop (valued at $299), check it out on the Official Competition Site.

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