The Top Cameras of 2014 (according to Flickr)

What were the most commonly used cameras of 2014? Flickr has released it’s list of EXIF data for their users.

Probably unsurprisingly iPhones dominate the top 10 with the 3 most used cameras, where brands were concerned however, Canon edged out both Nikon and Apple as the most popular.


Top Individual Cameras Used: iPhone 5 (3.3%), iPhone 4S (2.1%), iPhone 4 (1.3%), Canon EOS 7D (0.9%), and Nikon D7000 (0.8%).

Top Camera Brands: Canon (13.4%), Apple (9,6%), Nikon (9.3%), Samsung (5.6%), and Sony (4.2%).

Top DSLR: Canon 7D (2.4%), Nikon D7000 (2.4%), Canon 60D (2.3%), Canon 5D Mark III (2.2%), and Nikon D3100 (2.0%).

Top Smartphone: Apple iPhone 5 (10.6%), iPhone 4S (7.0%), iPhone 4 (4.3%), iPhone 5C (2.0%), and Samsung Galaxy S3 (1.2%).

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