International Fleet Review 2013 Photography Winners

Sydney, Australia this October hosted a once in a lifetime event with the International Fleet Review 2013.
The Royal Australian Navy was celebrating the 100 year anniversary since the fleet first arrived in the harbour with a range of events and open days. So that everyone could share their experience of the week, a photography competition was launched, and the results were amazing! Here are the top three winners and some of the runners up:

David Wong - IMG_1283

1st Place – David Wong

JD Martin - PHW_2439-web

2nd Place – JD Martin

Yen Chean Soo Too - Fleet_2013-3

3rd Place – Yen Chean Soo Too

Chi Fung Leung

Runner Up – Chi Fung Leung

David Fang

Runner Up – David Fang

Donovan Heathwood

Runner Up – Donovan Heathwood

Many thanks to everyone who entered for sharing your wonderful shots, and congratulations to all the winners.

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