Newspaper goes photo-free for a day

French newspaper Libération this week released a special edition minus all it’s images. To emphasise it’s missing images the frames where photos should have been were left in place so as to emphasize how much photography adds to and helps to tell a story.


The issue was printed to coincide with the opening of the Paris Photo event as a support to the declining industry of photojournalism.

They printed the following statement on the front page to make the message clear: Libération vows an eternal gratitude to photography, whether produced by photojournalists, fashion photographers, portraitists, or conceptual artists. Our passion for photography has never been questioned – not because it’s used to beautify, shock or illustrate, but because photography takes the pulse of our world. To choose Paris Photo’s opening day to “install’ these white images highlights our commitment to photography. It’s not a wake, we’re not burying the photographic art…


Instead we give photography the homage it deserves. Yet, no one can ignore the calamitous situation press photographers now find themselves in, especially war photographers who risk their lives while barely making a living. And for those whose work went on show today in the Grand Palais thanks to shrewd gallery owners, we might think that the odds are in their favour, but it’s all smoke and mirrors: the art photography market is currently confused.


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