10 Inspirational Quotes from Photography Icons

via National Geographic

The untouched Pedro Gonzalez Island

1. “Working in an ethical matter more than anything” – James Estrin

2. “Every story has a teaching experience” – Kathy Moran

3. “Humility” – Jose Benito Ruiz

4. ”Hard work is more important than talent, the ability to generate ideas is more important than the eye” – Bob Krist

5. “The most important tools are the mind and soul” – Gerd Ludwig

6. “Never stop looking, no matter where you are, everywhere there are good photographs” – Art Wolfe

7. ”To learn that happiness is what brings success, and not the other” – Ami Vitale

8. “Everyone has something to contribute” – Elizabeth Krist

9. “We should not bring anything in life that presets ideas or stereotypes” – Tino Soriano

10. And last, but not least, I’d say: ¨Never stop dreaming!¨  – Kike Calvo



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