Karl Lagerfeld for Rolls-Royce

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has stepped out of his usual world of couture and runways to work with car brand Rolls-Royce.

Lagerfeld has created a photography exhibition for the British icon entitled ‘A Different View’, the event is the latest in Rolls-Royce’s ‘Icons of Art’ series.

The exhibition contains 16 black and white shots printed on special handmade paper to highlight the quality of the image.

Lagerfeld, who has previously gained recognition for his photography described his approach to creating the collection “I can no longer view life without juxtaposing its abstraction. I view the world, fashion and automobiles through my camera lens. That allows me to keep a critical distance to my work.

This approach serves me more than I had ever thought possible in my view of reality. Each of my shots of the Rolls-Royce is the abstract representation of a concrete reality. The technical medium of photography is a welcome means for my artistic work, creating my different view.”

The exhibition is currently on display at the Rolls-Royce headquarters in Goodwood, England.

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