Haute couture meets Occupy

Although they may not be the strongest images ever taken, we loved the concept. Witness two world colliding in this latest shoot by photographer Ben Ritter who took his high end fashion shoot to the Occupy protestors in New York City.

Ritter’s American Psycho themed shoot features models wearing expensive suits in amongst the semi-homeless protesters. The shoot has received criticism for apparently mocking the cause, but the Washington post has come out supporting the set – commissioned by VICE magazine.

“Shooting photos of designer fashion amid the semi-homeless protesters could, at first glance, be taken as a callous “let them eat cake” statement. It’s a fabulous contrast, with the clean-shaven models in their pinstripes next to bearded men in puffy coats and tents. But Vice isn’t mocking Occupy — the title of the story, “American Psychos,” shows that the magazine is levelling its criticism at the people who can afford the clothes it is presenting, just as Bret Easton Ellis did in the book that inspired the shoot’s name. Sending models in suits worth thousands of dollars to occupy Occupy Wall Street verges on performance art.”  

See all the shots at Vice.com

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