Instant iPhone Prints

We are big fans of The Impossible Projects drive to innovate and adapt old processes to follow new trends, and this latest venture is no exception.

Currently a kickstarter project seeking funding, the Impossible Instant lab is looking to release a device that will allow you to print polaroids directly from your iPhone.

It is a fairly simple idea, using the iPhone as the image sources it uses the screen to expose directly onto an instant film. Giving you a polaroid recreation of your phone image! Only iPhones are currently being catered for, although the developers are taking requests to see which are the most popular android models out there.

An app will help you control the process as well as apply basic filters, such as black and white.

The final device is looking to retail at $299, but early supporters of the project on Kickstarter can get one for just $149.

Learn more on their Kickstarter Site


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