Olympic Photo Ban Issues

A lot of confusion is circulating about the photography restrictions at this years Olympic Games in London. Not just on what gear you can use, but also now what you can do with the images once they are taken.

Olympic games

Last month the Olympic Committee announced that large cameras and lenses would not be permitted. However, after calls for clarification it appears that some venues will be even stricter.

For example, Wembley stadium, will prohibit any kind of “professional-style cameras (any camera with interchangeable lenses) or recording/transmitting devices.” Which means all DSLRs, as well as mirror less, compact interchangeable lens cameras manufactured by Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Pentax and Olympus are banned.

However, even if you do manage to take a decent photo with your limited gear, worth sharing with your friends – you might find yourself in trouble again!

This years terms and conditions of ticket purchase currently ban holders from posting their photos and video footage of the games on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

What hasn’t been made clear is how or if these rules will be enforced. Organisers are already wavering on the networking issue.

A spokesman said: “We understand that spectators will want to share their photographs of London 2012 events on social networking sites and we are not looking to stop them from doing this. However we are looking to stop people who seek to use them for commercial purposes. Clarification on this matter will be provided when the tickets are distributed.”

Watch this space……?

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