The 100 Project

Check out this quirky photo project we came across recently.

The Project 100, similar to other projects is attempting to capture a snap shot of daily lives. However, where it differs is in it’s approach. The project is broken down by age – 100 people between the age of 1 and 100 are being asked to capture one week of their life on camera.

People are being asked to apply for the project, a vetting process will choose only one person from each age. A disposable camera will be sent to the luck 100 and they will use it to capture whatever they wish for one week.

At the end of the year the project hopes to have images from a week in the lives of 100 people to share.

So far 12 weeks have been completed with 16 cameras still waiting to be returned. The project is still looking for photographers to take part, so if you want to be involved check out The 100 Project.


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