Who unplugged the gallery?

You might be wondering where the photo art gallery that you are used to has disappeared!? And what is this strange new site I have been sent to? Well there are some big changes happening, and an official announcement will be coming soon…..

So watch this space for exciting new opportunity to market your images, and a vibrant new Photo Art Community!!


  1. I’m just wondering where our galleries are?? Am I blind or is there no sign in etc? I’ve sent a couple of emails via ‘contact us’ and am still waiting….. Looks great and fresh though ๐Ÿ™‚ iamnsp

  2. What has happened to previously uploaded images? Will they be restored? Also, what will happen to credits owing to photographers from the previous gallery incarnation? Will they carry over?

    • Things are taking a little longer than we were expecting – we understand your frustration. But we want to make sure we have all our info together before we make any announcments.

  3. Not only is it taking a little longer than expected, but I suspect the other thing that is frustrating us is the total lack of advance warning that changes were happening. Many of us have links from our portfolio websites/blogs to Photoartgallery for the purpose of online image sales. We were given no warning that images in our Photoartgallery galleries would be unavailable for a period of time.

    Regards, Geoff

    • Well said Geoff. If photo art don’t get there act together soon my webpage will soon be pointing to red bubble. I would prefer to support photo art but support is a two way street

  4. The lack of news is starting to be a worry to me as well. This is looking less positive with every silent day that passes. I notice that the question I asked about images already on the site and Geoff Smiths query have not yeyt been answrred.

  5. Whie I am looking forward to your new set up, Can you at least put the old site back up while you sort out your tech issues? Or Perhaps an explanation while we wait for your announcement please?

  6. Well they left it too long and then tell us that the last 2 years of work I’ve put into this gallery is gone – my traffic is now being directed to Red Bubble

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